Category: Alpha Wave

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since there’s been an update and what better time to break our silence than to announce our 25% off app sale.

If you head on over to Google Play you can enjoy 25% off all our games on Black Friday. 

Our games are also available for family library as well so buy and share with the whole family! 

Seasons greetings everyone. We are happy to announce that all of Hardline Studio’s games on the Google Play Store are now family plan enabled! Buy our games once and share them with everyone you love or want to keep quiet on those looonnnggg holiday commutes! 🙂
And best of all, our games have NO ads, NO in app purchases, NO loot boxes and NO social media annoyances, just pure uncut gaming goodness!

We are delighted to announce that you can now wave up on your big screen TV with the arrival of Alpha Wave on Android TV. If you own an Nexus Player, you can even use the remote to play with one hand! This update also ushers in an x86 Android version of the game which yields an even better gaming experience on systems that use Intel CPU’s like the Nexus Player.